Voluntary associations, communities, businesses and others have the opportunity to become part of the Folkets Møde through activities, debates, workshops and happenings.

First of all, we believe that the partners should feel that they benefit from their participation to the Folkets Møde. Therefore, all partners have the opportunity to set their own agenda in order to make it fun, easy and accessible for all. This applies to all initiatives, may they be local, citywide, regional or nationwide and whether it is run by a single volunteer, an association, a group of activists or in a fourth way.

Everyone can offer activities focusing on their challenges, experiences or their opportunities. This can happen in several ways:

  • Debate : “What is activism and what can we do about it ?”, “How do we get more people involved in the community ?”, “Healthier life via community”, “How do we make volunteering interesting for young people ?”, “Voluntary fundings and bureaucratic hassles”, etc.
  • Activity : Sports activities, Green food communities, Cultural bazaar, etc.
  • Workshop : How to recruit Volunteers, From courage to failure : Risk-taking in voluntary Communities, Rethinking finance and supporting structures, What if money wasn't the only resource ? etc.
  • Happenings : Volunteers’ exchanges, Volunteers’ party, Community singing, Conversations : Thinking about volunteering, Community eating, etc.

Who do we create the Folkets Møde with ?
The Folkets Møde is created by all those who want to celebrate, debate and share their community. In connection with the planning of Folkets Møde, the Municipality of Aarhus collaborates with representatives of voluntary associations, communities, the region and other stakeholders.

Sign up for the Folkets Møde here. Enrollment deadline for the printed program is September 1, 2019. However, you are welcome to sign up later and appear on the digital program.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the program manager Jacob Erdmann over the phone 60 19 43 25 or email: jacer@aarhus.dk.

Download the PDF document of the invitation to attend the Folkets Møde by clicking the link below.

Invitation to attend Folkets Møde