Folkets Møde – Volunteering Festival is about being part of a larger community, where "we" collectively develop the common ability to create a better society, we aspire to strengthen the democratic debate and create an open and diverse environment for everyone. 
We want to know more about what motivates volunteers, citizens, everyday activists and understand the problems, that the communities of volunteers may be facing, in order to figure out solutions.

Folkets Møde – Volunteering Festival reflects on the idea that making a difference must be fun, easy and accessible for everyone. We want to emphasize the importance of sharing the many communities by :

  1. Sharing, debating and recognizing good initiatives in Aarhus and the entire Central Jutland region.
  2. Inspiring even more people to engage in voluntary communities.
  3. Encouraging existing communities to become even better at opening up, inviting and sharing their communities - that's what #delditfællesskab is all about.
  4. Debate how we can all take part in developing the interplay between citizens, public institutions and businesses.


Legacy and past experience
Folkets Møde – Volunteering Festival was created in 2018, when Aarhus was the European Volunteering Capital. For Folkets Møde 2019, we build on these experiences.

  • Experience has proved that voluntary engagement has, among other things, a great impact on mental and physical health. Moreover, it contributes positively to create joy and development both on an individual and a community level.
  • Experience has also revealed that the celebration and awareness of voluntary communities can inspire more people to become active and that it participates in the emergence of new forms of communities.
  • At the same time, the events of the Folkets Møde can contribute in the visibility and the recognition of voluntary engagement and give the opportunity to participate in shared experiences, exchange about different experiences and develop new ideas.